Father Mike

Written by: Claudia Tran; Alumni Relations Committee Chair.



Once a year, most of the law school gathers, to Legends’ full maximum capacity, to watch hilarious skits and videos as well as enjoy talented musical and dance acts in honor of Father Michael McCafferty.

Father Mike McCafferty changed the law school into the place we know it as today, long before any of us were there. His memory can be seen in stain glass throughout the law school and the chapel, in the stories lovingly told by professors who both knew him and were taught by him, and most of all in the talent show named for him and which he loved to participate.

On Tuesday, March 20th, the school gathered once again to celebrate in his honor, and it did not disappoint. Starting the night off with a hilarious monologue from 3L host Aly Hughes, the night went on to include several musical acts including our own Professor Garnett’s band The Learned Hand, 3-year crowd favorite 3Ls Raul Garcia and Alexandra Iorio performing an original mash-up along, 1L trio “Danny and the Boys,” and 2L singer Brandon Haase. There were also many hilarious skits, including a killer professors skit starring the professors’ adorable children, a 1L Shakespearean skit, and 3L Jeopardy. Videos prepared by the 2L class representatives and 3L Devin McGuinness kept the crowd roaring. The most “snapchatted” act of the night must have been the Professors’ Dance, choreographed by 3L Megan Davis and performed by Professors Jim Kelly, Mark McKenna, Bruce Huber, and Jeff Pojanowski. Finally, the night rounded out with a spectacular performance by 3L singers taking on their take of “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” 2L Athena Ahererra and 3L Michael Mercurio showing the crowd a traditional Filipino courting dance, and a whole-cast rendition of Lean on Me accompanied by the piano, violin, and guitar. It was certainly a night to remember.

The show raised an unbelievable amount of funds for both the Women’s Legal Forum summer stipends and SBA. The auctioneer, 3L Paul Albarran, went above and beyond, and it was generous students willing to pay money to spend time with their favorite professors doing things such as play Skyzone Dodgeball or have brunch with the Dean that kept the night exciting and worth quite a pretty penny. The Father Mike Committee and Women’s Legal Forum are thankful to all those who participated and wish them all good fun on their won auction items!

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with the Father Mike Show for all three years of my time here, a happy coincidence that has made the most significant impact on the memories of law school I’ll take with me when I graduate in May. Through Father Mike I’ve met some of the most passionate and talented people this school has to offer, who have been fearless in their willingness to perform in front of the school or spend their own precious time preparing videos and other acts. Behind the scenes, 3L Liam Reilly not only learned the ins and outs of video-making and stage technology, but ran every show I’ve been here for flawlessly from the back. 2L Drew Magee stepped up when it was needed most and took over stage management, learning nearly everything there is to running a backstage for a show on the fly. Finally, SBA Secretary Zach Milvo went above and beyond to ensure that the show was planned properly from the very beginning, enthusiastically seeking talented acts (including convincing myself to perform), selling out more tickets than any other Father Mike Show to date, and working tirelessly to make sure the night came off without a flaw.



I have no doubt Father Mike would have been proud to see what the show has become now, and I’m honored to have been a part of it.



Father Mike Committee 2017
Zach Milvo
Liam Reilly
Claudia Tran
Aly Hughes
Devin McGuinness
Drew Magee
Karley Buckley
Katie Hickey
Pat Nicoll
Olivia Ghiselli
Caitlin Carnhai
Alexis Farrell


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