Law School Retreat

Written by Gino Ibanez; Spiritual Life Committee Member

February 18th, I attended a retreat on-campus as part of the SBA Spiritual Life Committee. I always enjoy going to retreats because it is an opportunity to connect with God through the teachings expressed and distilled by a community of faith. It is an opportunity to reconnect with God through collective prayer and meditation. Through shared experiences with my peers, I obtained a conscious understanding of God’s message for me and the mission God has for me. As part of the retreat, Fr. Pat discussed with us the meaning of vocation to one’s faith and we explored ways to carry out our vocation as religiously-minded persons. Fr. Pat discussed with us that a pragmatic perspective of vocation is to use our God-given gifts in a manner that is responsive to both the needs of the Church and the world. This perspective is indeed enlightening since many people hope to use their careers in a way that creates a positive impact in others’ lives.

Discerning your vocation allows you an avenue to find a concrete direction to carry out your purpose in life. Throughout the many stages in a person’s life, he or she will find many ways to live out one’s vocation. This retreat provided me yet one more channel to flesh out the many ways to carry out my own vocation as a practicing Catholic. Vocation is not a static concept, but is instead a dynamic force that is adaptive to the each person’s quest of finding a purpose in life. Thus, each retreat that I attend is yet another means of reenergizing my formulation of ways to carry out God’s mission for me in a manner that is responsive to my personal interrelationship with the Church and the world. We as men and women of faith are each called to sanctify the faith through our devotions to our vocations — responsive to Church and world. In so carrying out your vocation, may the Christ within you reach out to touch the Christ in all of those you meet today and always.


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