New York Networking Event

Written by Skye Edwards, 1L.

For those of you who attended the January 11th ND Alumni Happy Hour event at Slattery’s in New York over the break, I hope your experiences were as rewarding as mine. I originally went to New York to participate in the Galilee program, in which the other members of my group and I were to meet with various public interest and governmental organizations to get an idea of what kind of legal or service work we would be interested in engaging in after graduation. So, by Wednesday evening, we had already met with several people from governmental organizations including the Clerk for the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, the Assistant Secretary-General and a Senior Legal Officer for the Office of Legal Affairs at the United Nations Headquarters, and two Special Agents with the FBI and I had already pretty much decided that I was more interested in working for a governmental organization like those I had visited than at a law firm.

After meeting with several of the attorneys from White & Case at the alumni event prior to our visit to the firm coupled with our visit to the firm the following day convinced me that I should not rule out law firms just yet. All of the attorneys I met with were so friendly and down to Earth, and the prospect of working with them as my team members in a law firm with such a large interest in pro bono and international work was definitely appealing. The alumni networking event ended up being a great opportunity to meet with potential future colleagues in an informal setting.


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