Thanksgiving Basket Drive

Written by Brock Burnick, SBA Community Service Chair.

Next week, we will distribute food baskets to several different organizations throughout South Bend, including Dismas House, YWCA, Our Lady of the Road & Catholic Worker House, and others. We have been collecting donations and food items downstairs in the SBA Office for two weeks and we will be sorting them into baskets, along with coupons for turkeys, to distribute just before we all take a break from classes.

This tradition may have begun many years ago but was very much spearheaded by Alisa Finelli, a NDLS student from a few years ago. She handed down a multi-page document of all the various activities NDLS helped the community with, and nowadays we’re just trying to keep up. Thank you to all who have supported us so far and I would encourage you to keep following our updates and emails because we’ll have many more important things going on the rest of the school year.

Other great activities we’ve done or will do the rest of the school year include: working with Habitat for Humanity, sharing meals with residents of Dismas House, playing with kids and making crafts at Robinson Learning Center, and serving meals at Hope Ministries. We’ll also do some activities with South Bend Center for the Homeless and we’re even considering setting up a high school mentoring program later this year. Finally, many NDLS students are involved with the Volunteer Lawyer Network, which helps connect everyday people facing legal issues with attorneys willing to provide pro bono legal assistance. Thanks again to any NDLS students who have contributed in any way to helping be more involved in the South Bend/Michiana area.


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